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"High quality job, done within a few days, easy money transfer. If all areas of life could be this easy ...." Maya Gauld

"Great service from Dave and his team. Windows look amazing - prompt response and service - fantastic to be able to pay online! Will definitely use again and would recommend!" Pauline Robertson

"Thank you very much - what a difference, the windows are shining ,so much light is coming in!" Mrs. Munlin, Battlefield, Glasgow

Carol. M , Shawlands "Yes - am so grateful that you came round so quickly and put in so much effort! Also thanks for all your help with the blinds. On top of that I got some work done! Thanks"

Imogen from Mount Florida, Glasgow - "Fantastic job, would highly recommend and definitely use again!"

"Hi it's Michael from Paisley Road, Glasgow. What a fantastic job you have done. Thank you for your hard work and effort. I am very happy. Will get back to you soon. Thank you."



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Sparkling Clean Windows Every Time

Whether you are looking for a one off cleaner or a regular monthly cleaner, call G1 Window Cleaners Glasgow for a fast, efficent service.

We cover all areas of Glasgow including The West End, Crookston, Pollokshields, Govan, Kinning Park, Crossmyloof, Hyndland, Partick, Cardonald, Pollok, Anderston, Broomhill, Cessnock, Priesthill, Strathbungo, Summerston, Shieldhall, Dumbreck, Darnley & Finnieston and other Glasgow areas.

We are licensed and fully insured for your peace of mind.

Commonly asked questions... How much does a this service cost? Anything from £10 to £100's depending on the size of a property. Who is my local company? You could Google it and try and find out but sometimes it can be difficult as they they work daytime hours the same as most people. We cover all areas of Glasgow. How do I know if I can trust this company? A proper company will be Licensed with Glasgow Council. This involves different checks including a police check. They will also be insured and able to provide you with a copy of their insurance to protect your home. They should also be able to provide solid references.

Our Cleaning Services
Commercial Window Cleaners

We have a team of ready for large commercial work, please call us if you need work done urgently.

Domestic Window Cleaners

We have individual window cleaners to clean your windows whether a tenement flat, detached house or a bungalow.

One Off Window Cleans

We can clean your windows on a one off basis so it is ready for sale or rent.

Regular Monthly Cleans

G1 Window Cleaners advise that your windows are cleaned every month, protecting your property and maximising light in your home.

Our Services...

Tenement Window Cleaning. One Off Window Cleans. Regular Window Cleans. High Reach Window Cleaning. Traditional Window Cleaning. Cleaning Windows Inside & Outside. Domestic Window Cleans. Commercial Window Cleans.

Clean windows, Clean home with G1 Window Cleaners Glasgow.

Clean windows are a lifestyle advantage. Clean windows mean a clean home which in turn mean a clear mind. Regular window cleaning has many benefits. Not only will you enjoy looking out of your windows much more thanks to them being permanently spotless but they will last longer as the build-up of degrading bacteria that cause frame deterioration will be prevented. Window cleaners in Glasgow for many years used ladders and traditional tools to clean windows. Of course some still use these squeegee and blade systems. Many, though have moved on to a pure water high reach system to clean windows here. Usually, this negates the dangers of high reach risks. Many a window cleaner has been injured or even killed falling from height. In Glasgow and many parts of Scotland, tenement buildings form a large part of the city. These solid and old buildings are much higher than modern flats and are often 10 to 12 feet per storey. A 4 storey tenement building can easily reach up to 60 feet to the top of the windows in Glasgow.
We will ensure your windows are cleaned properly and safely without any danger to our operatives or local traffic.

If you are a home or business owner, you can appreciate the need of protecting your glazing investment. Glass left un-maintained over any period of time may result in permanent damage. Then corrosion occurs to the point where the glass structure has been altered and damaged.
The routine cleaning of your windows can protect and prolong the life of your windows.
Over time, your windows will gather grime, dust, oxidation, and other corrosive materials.  Regularly cleaning your windows will help remove contaminants, such as acid rain, destructive minerals and moss.  The key factor is to REMOVE these contaminants before they cause long term damage like the effects of oxidization.
Your windows don’t only allow you to look out at the world beyond your home – they also allow sunshine to pour in, which can provide warmth and light. This is why keeping your windows crystal clear and sparkling clean is so important. Over time, dirt and grime on your windows can become smudged when in contact with moisture and condensation.
Not only can this make it difficult to see the view outside your home but it can also negatively affect the look and feel of your home’s ambiance. Nobody wants dirty, dark windows.
Professional Window Cleaners use tools to make sure that your windows are cleaned without leaving smudges or streaks behind. There is a good chance that when you clean you always leave streaks, which can be difficult to remove. When you hire us, you’ll get that streak-free shine and your windows will look gleaming.
Reliable & Efficient Window Cleaning

Protect your windows. Dirt and grime on windows can actually cause unrecoverable damage. Overtime, the dirt actually etch into the glass and cause scratches. Eventually, this can cause distortion. This is why you want to hire a professional window washing company like Glasgow Window Cleaners. A professional technician will usually use special tools and specially formulated cleaners to wash windows. In order to protect your windows, it is important to get them professionally washed every month especially if you have tall or large windows.
The most important reason for glass maintenance is to avoid glass degradation.
Commercial cleaners are adept at cleaning the windows particularly in a high rise building. They have the necessary equipment and experience to do the cleaning in a fast and safe manner. They know what safety measures to take to be able to prevent accidents or breaking the glass. Usually a general cleaner would not have the knowledge to clean windows safely. The maintenance window cleaning provides will not turn into a liability.
It is hard for any business in to get customers through their entrance if their front windows are dirty. Anything less than a perfectly clean window not only makes a business look like a negative place to enter, it also discourages clensts from entering a business. This is especially true of high end stores that show off their best and expensive merchandise in their front windows. A business that attracts clients is less likely to do so if dirty windows are the first thing people see.
Window Cleaning removes hard mineral deposits: If a window goes without cleaning for a long period of time, a hard mineral will form that is very difficult to get off. When these minerals form, cleaning your windows with basic cleaners and cloths will no longer work, then costing you extra money to get the windows replaced.
Cleaning keeps your windows strong...

When windows are cleaned regularly, they are able to protect you and your home from air pollutants. The effects of hard rain and decay are reduced when your windows are cleaned, meaning you don’t need to replace them as often, which saves you money in the long term.
G1 Window Cleaners gives you a clear view through shining glass: Of course, the main reason you want to consider getting your windows cleaned is that you want the view from your windows to be clear! Having clean and clear windows to look out from will give you a positive feeling when you observe the world outside.


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